World-Class Brands, Services at Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group

Before she opened Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group in Makati City several months ago, Ross Licup had made the rounds of the different aesthetic and cosmetic centers in Metro Manila.

Ross was a typical wife and mother and a professional who went to these centers for aesthetic purposes. Like many women, she wanted smoother skin and to look young. Her children also had some skin-related concerns and she would bring them to dermatologists.

“For years, I have been a customer, a patient and a victim. I was told this procedure and/or product would do this or that but most of the time, I ended up frustrated. Like most customers, I wanted best value for my money,” said Ross.

From this idea, Ross and her husband Peter got the idea to open a beauty haven where women could have all their beauty needs fulfilled. As they conceptualized what the place would look like and what it would offer, they had one thought and that was “If I were the client, what would I look for?”

At the center of this world class salon and aesthetic center is Fanny Serrano’s beauty philosophy that any woman or man who leaves the place should be a happy customer.

Fanny Serrano Elite Salon Creative Directors Audie Bermejo and Roni Eser make sure every customer is happy and contented. Audie and Roni are backed up by decades of experience in hair and makeup under the tutelage of Fanny Serrano.

Best of the best

Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group was founded on the principles and values of honesty, responsibility and efficacy.

Ross, being fastidious about anything that touches her face and body, wanted to carry brands not found in other salons, spas and aesthetic centers. She wanted a world class feel to the place.

Thus, the brands and services carried by Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group are those favored and chosen by A-listers. Their machines use the latest technologies.

For the salon’s nail requirements, Ross recalled her trips, specifically one in Amanpulo, where she got to try SpaRitual products. She has migraines and any cloying scent can trigger them. SpaRitual is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. Certified organic ingredients are used in the nail polishes, creams, oils, serums and fragrance mists. The salon is delicately scented with SpaRitual.

For hair color and treatments, the salon uses products from Davines and Schwarzkopf. Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group also uses Olaplex hair treatment, which is used by Kim Kardashian. When your hair is damaged from all the chemical processes you’ve subjected it to, Olaplex rebuilds the damaged bonds. This is perfect for those who bleach and color their hair regularly.

Customers can also get gommage massages and body treatment. Gommage, which comes from the French word for “to erase,” combines chemical exfoliation through the use of enzymes with mechanical exfoliation through the action of rubbing.

For those whose problem is hair loss, the salon and medical spa also offers Sunetics Laser, which uses Low level Laser Therapy to stimulate the hair follicles, heal them and help them to regrow into normal sized hairs. The FDA approved technology is non-invasive and painless.

Fat reduction

The salon’s RF treatment for the face, neck and body is multipolar, which uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver visible clinical results after one treatment. iLipo Xcell guarantees fat reduction after 20 minutes of treatment.

The facial treatments and facials are by Exuviance, a brand that is clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, smooth texture and address other skin concerns. The salon also carries Neostrata and Heliocare, both of which Ross uses. Women (and men) can also get the OxyGeneo Super Facial, which results in unparalleled skin nourishment and oxygenation for smoother complexion.

“We offer the world’s most advanced laser technology to remove scars, tattoos and pigmentations. We have Philippine Dermatalogical Society-certified dermatologists and cosmetic doctors to help our customers with their hair and skin concerns. We deliver what we claim, giving hope to what used to be so improbable, delivering products and services with care, accepting responsibilities in what we offer to deliver and,  in all humility,  effectively serving with passion in our hearts,” said Ross.

Fanny Serrano Elite Salon and Medical Group is located at the second level of #818 Arnaiz Avenue (former Pasay Road), Makati City.  For information, visit their facebook page @fannyserranoelitecentre.makati or call +632 772 81 26, +63916 564 1647 (Globe) and +63921 628 5034 (Smart) or email For products and services, you may also visit

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