Tastemaker Tessa Prieto-Valdes elevates her home design with the new Samsung QLED TV

A home is not only a place where you raise your family and make precious memories, it is also an outlet of creativity and self-expression. The way you design your personal space reveals your individuality, style perspective, and aesthetic.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes understands this very well and, as a designer, she takes the look of every corner of her home very seriously. She regularly remodels and redecorates her home with refined and versatile accessories and devices that catch her stylish eye—just like the new Samsung QLED TV.

Samsung Head of PR Barbie Ocampo, Marketing Manager of AV Isabella Concepcion, and Marketing Head of Consumer Electronics Dan Torres welcome Tessa Prieto-Valdes as the ambassador of the new Samsung QLED TV.

Together with Samsung Philippines, Tessa hosted an intimate event for her friends and media to showcase the new TV’s revolutionary design and how it transforms the living space of tomorrow. The popular socialite says that the new QLED TV gave her a refreshing way to see TVs. “It lets me execute my home design ideas without limitations,” she says. “I don’t need to worry whether my TV can keep up with how I would customize my home as it gives me more options to fit however I design my living space.”

The tech giant offers prestigious craftsmanship, with a modern and sleek all-metal design that fits perfectly in any setting. The Boundless 360° Design concept boasts of a clean aesthetic with a slim body and a nearly-there bezel. This creates a great combination of simplicity and adaptability that allows for Samsung QLED TV’s seamless and natural blending with Tessa’s own signature home design.

Samsung Product Marketing Head for AV Jun Guevara and Tessa Prieto-Valdes share a toast to the next generation in TV – the new Samsung QLED TV.

With a do-it-yourself no gap wall mount, Tessa showcases an effortlessly and neatly installed Samsung QLED TV flush against the wall, claiming to be the star of the room. Guests started guessing where the wires and other peripheral devices went, until she showed the Invisible Connection. This groundbreaking technology eliminates the clunky and tangled wires of the past with one single optical cable connecting all devices through the One Connect Box, allowing you to place devices further away so you can use the space for your decor.

The new Samsung QLED TV debunks the idea that a TV should be stationary and stuck in one place. It features different mounting accessories for those who prefer a bit more choice with their TV’s location. The Gravity Stand makes the TV appear to float over its base. Its swivel function enables one to adjust its angle up to 70 degrees. With this feature, consumers can have their TV face them wherever they choose to view it, allowing users to watch their TV from any direction.

The Studio Stand, on the other hand, holds the TV like a canvas on an easel. As a frequent party hostess, Tessa finds it convenient using this stand which allows her to move the TV easier, depending on her new design idea, while maintaining its stunning look. It also enhances your decor as it blends perfectly with any living space.

“Finally, I found a TV that understands my needs and resolves the usual problems I had with other models. What I like most about the Samsung QLED TV is that it stands out on its own—even when turned off. Its presence truly elevates the look and feel of my home. It’s every designer’s dream come true,” shared Tessa.

Blended seamlessly in the designer’s home, the new Samsung QLED TV transforms Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ viewing experience and living space design.















These advancements bring consumers the freedom and flexibility to own their personal spaces in every way possible. “We, at Samsung, take pride in the QLED TV’s design which shows our commitment in providing the best innovative solutions that enable our consumers to proudly display their own unique style and flair in their living spaces,” said Samsung Marketing Director Chad Sotelo.

Just like Tessa, have the complete freedom in designing your space with the new Samsung QLED TV. Get to know more about the 2017 Samsung QLED TV Lineup by visiting the Samsung Facebook page or samsung.com/ph.

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