Where to go — and phrases to learn — for celebrating Oktoberfest in Manila

What began as a grand ceremony to honor the union between royals Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in October 1810 has now evolved into one of the world’s most beloved festivals. Oktoberfest is now known far and wide as the ultimate annual beer event that also features delicious German treats (pretzels, sausages and sauerkraut, anyone?) and live musical performances. Let’s not forget that it’s also an awesome excuse for ladies to put on an adorable dirndl and gentlemen to don their best lederhosen. 

If you plan on taking part in this year’s Oktoberfest, it’s only right that you learn a bit of German (or Bavarian) to help you experience this highly anticipated festival in the most authentic way possible. Learn these words and phrases, memorize them and brush up on their proper pronunciation to enjoy all of Manila’s upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations!

1. Wies’n: In Germany, Wies’n is actually Oktoberfest’s official name.

2. O zapft is!: When the crowd yells this, they’re saying, “It’s tapped!” It signifies the ceremonial opening of the first beer keg of many, many more to come.

3. Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!This one is pretty self-explanatory. It means, “one, two, three, drink!” But take care not to spill a perfectly good pint of beer while you enthusiastically gulp it down.

4. Noch ein Bier, bitte: This German phrase literally translates to another beer, or another round, please.

5. Brezeln and wurst: Pretzel and sausage — the only food you ever really need at Oktoberfest.

6. Servus: This means hello, and is an informal greeting used when seeing familiar faces and friends. Follow it up with Wie geht es dir? (How are you?) and further impress your German companions.

7. Ogschdocha: This is something you don’t want to be too soon into the night. It translates to drunk, while die bierleichen, or beer corpse, is jokingly used for people who have literally passed out from too much beer.

8. Wo finde ich die Toiletten?: Alcohol puts a lot of pressure on bodily functions, so you’re sure to find yourself asking “Where can I find the toilet?” at one point.

 9. Ist dieser Tisch frei?: Being fueled by beer is no excuse to be rude to fellow Oktoberfest participants. While everyone that joins in on the fun is out to have a good time and make new friends, find the time to ask, “Is this seat taken?” when finding a place to settle down, or take a break.

10. Bis dann: To help you end casual conversations and break away from small talk with new acquaintances sans the awkwardness, this will come in handy. Wrap up your story with this phrase that means see you later, or see you around. 

 11. Ohje. Bitte keinen Alkohol mehr: Everyone has their limits. Be aware of yours and know when it’s time to say, “Oh! No more beer, please!”

 12. Lass uns das nächstes Jahr wiederholen: And finally, when Oktoberfest 2017 is all over and done, round up your friends for a final photo and part ways by saying, “Let’s do this again next year!”

Now that you’ve practiced useful phrases for Oktoberfest, the next thing to decide on is where to go. At this time of the year, people from all corners of the globe visit Germany to take part in Oktoberfest, but many will have to stay in their respective countries although that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the festival in perfect German style.

And so, for those of you staying put in Manila, Travelife lines up the best places to go for the most authentic Oktoberfest 2017 experiences in the metro.

Prost! (Cheers!)

Makati Diamond Hotel

This October, Fridays become extra exciting at the Makati Diamond Hotel. Celebrate Oktoberfest with a hearty helping of sausages and other hot appetizers as well as heavy main dishes to truly satisfy your appetite. Be glad to know that all of these will be paired with unlimited local beer. The keyword here is unlimited. Makati Diamond Hotel’s Oktoberfest promo is available on all Fridays of October from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Call +63 317 0999 local 1114 or email dine@makatidiamond.com for reservations.

City of Dreams Manila 

Oktoberfest festivities get an infusion of the local music scene at City of Dreams Manila with awesome performances by True Faith, Gloc 9, Eye Candies and Parokya ni Edgar. Exciting raffle prizes and beer drinking games are sure to liven up the experience, while beers like Weihenstephaner from the oldest brewery in Germany (and the world), Sapporo from Japan, Heineken from the Netherlands and local beers San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Light and Pedro Brewcrafters will fuel the night!

To learn about the complete details of City of Dreams Manila’s Oktoberfest celebrations, call + 63 800 8080 or e-mail guestservices@cod-manila.com. 

Pan Pacific Manila

At the Pan Pacific Manila, three isn’t a crowd; rather, it’s the perfect number! Guests can enjoy a 40% discount at the lunch buffet at the Pacific Lounge for groups of three on Mondays, and we guarantee that it won’t be just like every other buffet spread. German specialities like schnitzel (boneless pork), sauerkraut (sour cabbage), spaetzel (egg noodle) and a wide selection of German sausages such as Dampfwurst (beef and pork), Weisswurst (veal and pork), Bratwurst (veal and beef) and Grillwurst (pork) await. Additionally, on all Fridays of October, Pan Pacific Manila indulges guests with free-flowing draft beers, an eat-all-you-can grill and barbeque, and live performances at the Sunset Lounge.

Email fb.ppmnl@panpacific.com or call +63 318 0788 for inquiries and reservations.

Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila 

What better way to start the most festive time of the year than with a view of Manila bay and a glass — or two — of ice cold beer in your hand? Waterfront Pavilion Hotel & Casino Manila’s Patisserie is ready to satisfy all your Oktoberfest cravings with a platter of homemade sausage with sauerkraut served with beer — a simple pairing that packs a punch and hits just the right spot.

Log on to www.waterfronthotels.com.ph or call +63  526 1212 for inquiries and reservations.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila 

This hotel by the bay has celebrated Oktoberfest for eight years in a row; they sure know how to throw a party! Their expansive outdoor Harbor Garden Tent is transformed into a traditional biergärten, where guests can enjoy a lavish buffet of countless Bavarian favorites and drink San Miguel beer to their heart’s content. It’s the largest event organized by the Filipino-German community and German Club Manila, and the most awaited, so don’t miss it! Festivities are scheduled to begin on October 6 and 7.

Reach the German Club Manila at +63 894 2899 or email reservations@germanclub.ph for reservations.

While Oktoberfest brings to mind countless pints of beer, not everyone gets excited over the idea of drinking until the wee hours of the morning. If you’re the kind of person who’s alright with letting the month-long beer celebration go by like any other day, check out this Oktoberfest alternative that might just get you excited about beer.

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