KANEBO brings new makeup and skincare lines to the Philippines

Cosmetics brand KANEBO launches new skincare and makeup products this holiday season.

With skincare geared towards “tuning” or manageable everyday routines, KANEBO makes skincare more accessible and appealing to the busy Filipina. KANEBO elevates skincare by infusing only the most natural botanical ingredients from stress-free environments formulated to bring out the best qualities in each through methods that have been perfected over the course of 80 years of being in the beauty business. Fragrances also play a big role in KANEBO products, ensuring the each scent helps to relax and rejuvenate skin.

KANEBO makeup products on the other hand were developed to perfect the trio of color, texture, and finish, ensuring that everything a gal needs to look her best is provided by KANEBO.

Vanity essentials are all present in both lines and ladies’ most common skin concerns are all addressed. From skin firming, pore tightening and age-defying products, to priming, contouring and enhancing items,  KANEBO certainly won’t leave you wanting.

To see the full range of the new KANEBO skincare and makeup lines, visit their official website here. 

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