Beer bathing at the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort

Oktoberfest draws closer and closer and talks of where to go for the best beer in town are heard left and right, yet not everyone is excited about downing pint after pint of this amber-colored beverage. The world’s biggest beer festival might make it seem like drinking beer is the only way to enjoy it, but did you know that beer can still be enjoyed without taking a single sip?

For those looking for alternative to Oktoberfest merrymaking, look no further than the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. The luxe destination is offering a special spa package until November that will change everything you think you know about beer — it’s a treatment that Hollywood heavyweight Catherine Zeta- Jones swears by.

Experience Enriching Beer Therapy, an indulgent four-step, two-hour long session meant to cleanse and polish the skin, and revitalize hair. See what’s in store for you in this step-by-step preview.

Step 1: Beer Mint Bubble Bath

Bathing in beer has been done in Europe for centuries. People have basked in the benefits of this treatment, soaking in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and anti-oxidants that improve skin elasticity and encourage better blood circulation. Don’t forget about your hair and take a full body dip; beer baths with special mint infusions are known to smooth out stubborn frizz, as well as add and maintain volume.

Step 2: Exfoliating Beer Scrub

To really reveal skin’s newfound glow, a top-to-toe exfoliation will do the trick. The process helps even out skin tone, and draws out impurities from the skin with the help of active ingredients like orange peel, Oryza salt rice powder and cranberry seed.

Step 3: Rice Bran Oil Full Body Massage 

Skin may feel a little sensitive after a full scrub, so pamper it and give it the moisture it needs with a warming and de-stressing massage. After all, this treatment was made to make you look, and feel, great.

Step 4: A Drink at the Elephant Bar

If you’re ready for a drink, the last step of this treatment is to treat you to a tall glass of frothy beer and at the colonial Elephant Bar. Of course, other refreshments are available for those who still truly prefer to bathe in beer, rather than take a sip.

What do you think? The treatment is great for single person bookings, but it’s made extra special when you share it with a significant other as it’s also available for couples.

To make a reservation at the Anantara Spa, call +63 210 9000, local 1563, or email

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